Open Campus in Joshibi Festival 2023

Open Campus in Joshibi Festival 2023

On Saturday, the 21st and Sunday, the 22nd Oct. “Open Campus in Joshibi Festival” will be held at both Suginami Campus and Sagamihara Campus. 


The Three Points You can do in this Special Festival! 

1. The premier event – Joshibi Festival – 

   Starting with the Exhibition of Students’ works that you can understand Joshibi’s general classes, participants also will be able to take part in many events,      including “Special Lectures by Famous Guests”, “Events on the Stage”, “Flea Markets”, “Work Shops”, and so on.

  Enjoying the festival, you can feel how powerful Joshibi is!

2. *For the examinees for 2024, consultation with Professors will be done! 

  *Only for the examinees that will sit for General Examinations in Jan. ~ Mar. 

  After Nov. examinees will not be able to talk with our professors. 

3. The Examinees for 2025 can have the chance of comparing each Concentration and Field!

  In Open Campus in Joshibi Festival, visitors can understand the characteristics of each concentration and field by seeing students’ works. 

  We welcome people who have not decided on a desired course yet. This Special Event will enable you to find the desired department! 


If you are interested in this event, please check and apply for Open Campus in Joshibi Festival 2023!

*The period of pre-sign-up: 6/10/23 10:00 – 19/10/23 12:00