A Special Talk Show by Yuko Yamaguchi Held

A Special Talk Show by Yuko Yamaguchi Held

On 17th October, A special talk show by Yuko Yamaguchi, the 3rd designer of Hello Kitty, was held for 2nd and 3rd students of Field of Media Art and Design, at Suginami Campus.

In a form of a conversation with Prof. Hiroko Uchiyama and Prof. Kiri (they both are the professors of Field of Media Art and Design), she talked about several episodes, ranging from a story before entering Joshibi, reasons for joining Sanrio, the process of becoming a designer of Hello Kitty, to episodes of acting as a designer at that time.

In the talk show, she explained the background of producing goods that had attracted high school girls at that time and changes in Hello Kitty’s designs, based on visuals of Hello Kitty by age.
In the episode about becoming a designer of Hello Kitty at that time, her words that she had not loved Kitty at the start surprised professors and students.

In the final stage of the show, a question that the way to catch the trend, Ms Yamaguchi answered that before Covid-19, she had watched 2.5 musicals over 40 times per year, but the recent way is to watch several genres’ videos on YouTube. Plus, as the reason why Tiny Chum became popular, she said that women’s social advancement and change of view of gender are parts of the keys.

It was impressive to see the students listening to Ms Yamaguchi with smiles from the beginning to the finish. The special talk show ended with magnificent applause.